Miss Universe With Daughter Dancing To “Shape of You”

The film industry is a field where it is very necessary to keep in touch with fans. In addition, whatever the actors do is a news for their followers. And the best way keep in touch with fans is definitely through social networking. One such actor who is very active on social media is Sushmita Sen.

Recently, She posted her version of dancing to the track ‘Shape Of You' accompanied by her cute little seven year daughter, Alisah. In the video, the mother-daughter pair is seen wearing swimsuit and dancing by a pool. Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ has taken over the internet since past couple of weeks. Everyone is going crazy challenging with each other’s own cover version and posting it on social media.

While sharing her dance video on Instagram, Sushmita wrote, #frameofmind there is a song I love by #leeannwomack "when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance" these moments (be it around my #friends or my #babies ) are a wonderful reminder that each time a situation suggested to "SIT IT OUT"...WE CHOSE TO DANCE moving to our own beat #anytime #anywhere #anyhow Alisah with breaded hair owns her moves #toocute Renee saunters down the beach celebrating life with #maa #memories #cherished #happiness #sharing I love you guys!!! #ihopeyoudance