Mystery Death At Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Farmhouse

Chiranjeevi’s farmhouse driver had expired at the farmhouse in Narsingi, Hyderabad. Suresh, who hails from Kurada village in Kakinada, has been working at Chiranjeevi’s farmhouse as driver. Yesterday he died accidentally after the tractor overturned and fell on him.

Suresh parents said that they were not informed about their son’s death after the accident and were only informed after the postmortem was completed at Gandhi hospital. The angry parents had been protesting in front of the Karapa police station in Kakinada and questioned police on how could postmortem be conducted without the parents’ consent

 “If it is an accident they should have informed us immediately after the incident, why they have kept quiet till the postmortem is completed?”– questioned Suresh’s parents

The situation is tense in front of police station with Suresh’s parents and his relatives demanding justice for him.  Simultaneously, Narsingi Police had also opened a case on this mystery death and are conducting an enquiry on the death of the driver.

The police are currently probing who are all present at the time of Suresh's death in farmhouse and interrogating farmhouse security guard. The police said that they will also be speaking with Chiranjeevi and take his statement. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi had agreed to pay 10 lakhs rupees to the deceased kin.