Tamil Actress cum singer Andrea Jeremiah, who is riding high with the super hit talk of her latest horror film “Gruham”, spoke about the most prevailing hot issue in the film industry, “Casting Couch”. The actress shared that casting couch exist in the film industry only because of some women who wants to be successful overnight.

“Women always have the choice of who they want to sleep with. Nobody can force women. So, casting couch episodes can only happen when women want it and only if woman agrees to sleep with a man. Otherwise there would never be casting couch. There are many ways to reach your destination, the right way is always the hard one with lot of hurdles, but it does not mean you should give up going in the right way after facing hurdles”

“Whenever someone approaches women with shortcuts they should straightaway reject that offer without giving any second thoughts. Once she rejects, never will there be a casting couch for her. Women should only believe in hard work and should have faith in their talent, then only one can succeed in their careers without anyone’s assistance or charity.” Shared Andrea Jeremiah