Pay 75K to Bieber, To Listen Dubsmash

The much-hyped event of the year, Justin Bieber’s live in concert at DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai, had ended in regret for all those people who had shelled out huge amount of money to get a feel of live experience of Justin Bieber singing on the stage.

Youngsters from all over the country gathered on the grounds of DY Patil Stadium to witness their favorite singer's live performance. People had paid Rs 75000 to get a front row experience of watching just Bieber singing, but to their astonishment, he had just lip synched most of the songs. The audience were pretty pissed when they saw Bieber chewing the gum and lip-syncing to his songs. Also, there was no enthusiasm showed by the singer on the stage.

The singer was supposed to be in India for five days, and visit historic places like Jaipur and Agra. But he cancelled all his plans because of the scorching summer in India. He even ditched the after party that was supposed to be attended by many A-listers of Bollywood. Overall, this concert had been bad experience for both Justin Bieber and the audience.