Power Star Became Bulb Star?

Social media does not spare anyone’s mistake; it trolls everyone at any given opportunity. Recently Pawan Kalyan had been on the receiving end of the trolls for his speech about “How Not to Invent” where he has quoted Albert Einstein as inventor of bulb instead of Thomas Alva Edison.

Pawan Kalyan said, “If I fear for failures then I cannot put my foot forward and I wouldn’t have been here standing in front of you. Einstein used to tell whenever the bulb used to fail then he will come to know about a new way how not to invent. When Prajarajyam party got failed, I got the experience on how to make it better next time and not to repeat the previous mistakes”

“This is never ending process. Even if you take any party today they have not seen success in a single day, it took them decades. They all started with a single MP and eventually grown to the stage they are currently now. When someone criticizes me saying what can you do in politics without money, I feel bad about them because when I have the support of all of you who love me then why would I need money”

While the actor’s intentions are good in saying that failures should never stop you, but a small mistake in his speech had given opportunity to his anti-fans. They had a field day and started trolling Power star as Bulb star.