Powerful Stars Who Dont Act In Ads

Indian actors, who have good following, can make lots of money with commercial ads. In fact top grade actors make more money in ads than they make in a movie. Commercial ads had always been easy money for our actors. As for a normal movie, a big actor had to spend atleast an year in pre production, production and post production but in case of ads, they hardly needs to work for couple of days and crores of money will be credited to their account the very next day.

Consider actors such as Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali khan, About 70% of their income comes from brand endorsements. That is the kind of potential these commercial ads have. In spite of all these easy money, there are still some powerful stars, who frequently say no commercial ads no matter how mouth watering the deal is.

Ramesh Singhal, head of a celebrity management company, had shared that “Especialy in south india there are couple of stars such as Rajnikanth, Pawan kalyan and Ajith, who command huge amount of fan base. Brand managers have tried many times to approach these powerful celebrities for endorsing the brands by offering money more than what they usually offer to Bollywood actors, but these stars didn’t even think for a second to say no.  Usually there is lot of competition between stars to endorse various top brands, but some stars don’t care about that just for the sake of their principles”