Prabhas Fan Dead, Trying To Be

Fans always try to imitate their favorite actors, even though they know that the stunts performed by their star in the movie are fake and are not original. One such Prabhas fan tried to imitate the Baahubali waterfall-climbing scene and died on the spot.

Indrapal Patil, a businessman from Mumbai, attempted to recreate the Shivudu waterfall jump scene by jumping from the Mahuli Fort waterfall and tried to land on his feet but missed and drowned in the waterfall. His friends tried to bring him out, but by the time he was recused, he lost his life.

Police officials are investigating this death, as this is the not the first time this incident had happened and they want to stop such incidents from occurring in future. They are trying to close this area because most of the youth had been attempting Baahubali jump at this tourist waterfall destination and falling into death trap. Officials are seriously considering making this waterfall as no entry zone, as most of the tourists are doing stunts at this place instead of enjoying nature’s beauty.