RGV Gave Date, Time & Location To Attack Him

Ram Gopal Varma is a guy who cant sit silent when someone comments on him. The recent war of words between Senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao and RGV had intensified because of “Arjun Reddy” posters. Both are counter-attacking each other with strong words.

After RGV satirical remarks on V Hanumantha Rao terming him as Thatayya, the politician had warned RGV saying that he will not allow Ram Gopal Varma to step into Hyderabad without apologizing. He also accused that RGV does not have any values and only does films to show vulgarity on the screens. He lectured the director to shut his mouth and sit quietly, if he cannot make films but stop supporting cheap things.

RGV replied strongly to VHR by saying that “HR sir, do u not think that I do not have spy camera footage of the producer giving u money to do publicity ..Do you not think I am not going to release the spy camera footage to the media at 6 pm today?. I strongly suspect HR has been paid money by the ARJUN REDDY team to give additional publicity to their film ..I request the concerned authorities to please investigate the matter”

“HR gaaru nannu Hyderabad loki adugu pettakunda cheyyadam kanna meeku dammunte mee manavala vayassu ammayilni abbayilni ARJUN REDDY theatre la loki adugu pettakundaa cheyyyandi. Saar nenu repu poddhunna prasad IMAX lo 10.30 morning show ki vasthunna..See u there, Basthi Me Sawaal”