Ravi Teja's Brother, Bharat Passed Away

Ravi Teja's younger brother, Bharat Raju (46) passed away after he was injured badly in a car accident at Outer Ring Road near Kothwalguda village Shamshabad area. It is reported that the accident occurred due to a lorry that was parked on the outer ring road without any breakdown signs and Bharat could not see that lorry till last moment and rammed into it at high speed.

Bharath himself was driving the red Skoda Octavia car and was on his way to Gachibowli returning from Shamshabad, when this accident happened. The front part of the car was completely damaged and his entire body was crushed due to the strong impact of the accident. Eventhough this accident was happened on Saturday night 10 pm, It took many hours for police to recognize the actor's face as it was damaged severely in the collision. 

After verifying the number plates and calling his friends, Today Police had identified the body of Bharath and moved him to Osmania Hospital for completing postmortem and other medical formalities. Bharat Raju tried his best to succeed in film industry by playing many supporting roles but success did not look upon him. He later was arrested in many cases involving drug usage and rash driving.