Reason Behind Rakul's Outburst On Director

Rakul Preet Singh is not just known for her overnight success in Tolywood but also for her strong and firm attitude towards the people in film industry. She had not only completed 15 films in the last four years but also rejected 20+ films during the same time period and proved that she does not sign every other film that comes her way.

The actress, who is happy about the current phase of her career and busy with the release of her upcoming Telugu-Tamil bilingual film Khakee, shared that out of all the films she had rejected so far, one director had irritated her the most for declining his film. Rakul also revealed that she could not take any more mental agony from that director and gave him serious warning to stop the nuisance.

“I have earlier worked with one director and he came to me with another film offer. The movie is women centric subject. However, I didn’t like the story and have informed the director that I am not interested to be part of this project. The director did not like me rejecting the movie and started messaging me and calling me continuously and had put lot of pressure on me to accept the film. Although I have told him many times that I will not do that film, he didn’t back off. Finally, I lost my cool and warned him to stay away from me” Shared Rakul Preet Singh