Sachin's Story Is Now Publicly Shared

Cricket god, Sachin Tendulkar joined LinkedIn as an “Influencer” on Thursday, sharing his retirement story in his first post named “My Second Innings”. Sachin revealed that the thought of retiring from international cricket came to his mind in October 2013 during a Champions League T20 match, just a month before he decided to call it quits.

"It was October 2013 during one of the Champions League games in Delhi. My mornings would start with a gym workout, a routine I had been following for 24 years. But that morning in October, something had changed," he wrote.

"I realised that I had to force myself to wake up and go about my day. I knew that the gym training was a critical part of my cricket – something that had been my life for 24 years. Yet, there was reluctance. Why?

"Were these signs...Signs that I should stop? Signs that the game that has been so dear to me, would no longer be a part of my daily routine?" the legendary cricketer said