Samantha Can Be Your S*x Doll

Meet Samantha: A S*x doll, who enjoys being touched by humans and can bring you to climax. Sergi Santos, a Barcelona engineer, has created a life-size doll robot, what he claims has Artificial Intelligence. That means not only is she apparently fantastic in the bedroom but also can be your date at family gatherings.

The ‘Silicon Samantha’ is designed to be interactive and respond to the touch of a human. With sensors all over her body, she is particularly responsive to a gentle caress on her shoulder or hip. When she is first switched on, Santos says she will always default to ‘romantic’ mode, rather than se*y mode, to ensure safety first

Santos tells that there is more to Samantha than simply romance. “I’ve got a Samantha in the family home that can give philosophy quotes or health information,” he shared.

Samantha is available now in standard ($1,620-$2,160), responsive ($3,240), or interactive ($4,860) versions. Customers can also personalize the robot, choosing what she says, where she likes to be touched, and her name, for upwards of $8,635.