Sania Mirza Was Caught Red-Handed

Hyderabadi Tennis star, Sania Mirza, was caught red-handedly by social media users about her paid promotional tweet on OnePlus 3T mobile. She tweeted saying “Not rly a techie, but totally (heart) using the OnePlus 3T the past few months”. However, she quickly deleted the tweet after people caught her posting this tweet from iPhone.

Soon Twitterati started trolling her for the paid promotional gimmick she is giving to OnePlus 3T and requested her to atleast make it sound genuine from next time since she charges heavy amount for promoting OnePlus 3T through her tweets.

Celebrities often charge for promoting products through their tweets. They tweet about the product as if they are genuinely in love with the product and try to tell everyone how good the product is. For those 140 characters tweet, they charge anywhere between 1-9 lakhs depending upon their followers and popularity. But with such blunders of using a competitor product to promote actual product, it will definitely bring bad publicity to the companies that are paying these celebrities lakhs of rupees.