Sania Was Kicked Out of 5 Star Hotel

Tennis sensation Sania Mirza recently shared that she had faced many embarrassing moments in her life because of her own fault. Sania, who is page 3 celebrity and is always popular for partying and shaking legs on the dance floor, revealed that she was thrown out of the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad for partying too loud.

“I had thrown a lavish party at Falaknuma Palace for reaching the world No. 1 rank in doubles. It was my party for becoming number one and after all aged audience left the scene and then there was an after party with young crowd. Hardcore Music started playing and everyone was having fun. People jumped in the pool with clothes on and drinks were overflowing in line with crowds demand”

“It went on till 5 o'clock and then suddenly hotel management came to us and said that we are very loud and disturbing other guests at the hotel and that they cant take it any more so asked us to immediately vacate the place. And I was like, I became number one in the world, I deserve that kind of a party and this is way I party, I have paid the money and party does not go on without music? But they didn’t stepped back so eventually we left the place. But in spite of getting thrown out, it was fun,” shared Sania Mirza