Sanjay's Aide Threatens Local Resident

At the time when people of Mumbai are helping strangers who are facing difficulties in the heavy downpour of rains, some of the Bollywood actors are in news for not even helping their neighbors. One such incident had been reported where Sanjay Dutt’s manager had threatened to beat the neighbor, Daniel Fernandes, over car parking space.

Popular stand-up comedian, Daniel Fernandes, who stays in Sanjay Dutt’s building, requested the actor’s manager to let his car be parked on the elevated platform of the building as his car was getting flooded with rainwater. But the manager refused to let him park his car on the platform and warned to beat him up, if he does that.

Daniel Fernandes took to twitter and shared his ordeal, “The manager of Sanjay Dutt’s office threatened to beat me up because I asked if I could park my car on the elevated platform of the building that I live in (he has an office in the 1st floor and has blocked an entire entry point for himself). All I asked was to let my car stay there till the water recedes. My car was already flooded at this point and in danger of stalling. It blows my mind that in a city that’s literally drowning and people are helping in any way they can, this fine gentleman was on some weird power trip shouting at me like I asked him to kiss me. Ridiculous!”