Super Hot Act Of Prabhas Lady Fan

There are fans, and then there are super fans. And you may ask what is the difference between fans and super fans. For starters this women named Subhadra Mukherjee had got some strong ideas! Would you get your idol's face inked on your bare back consistently in different styles and shapes regularly? If the answer is no, then maybe you're not as hardcore as you think! Meet Subhadra Mukherjee, who is taking her love for Prabhas a little too far.

Subhadra Mukharjee is from Kolkata and she became die-hard fan of Prabhas after watching 'Baahubali'. She could not stay in Kolkata without meeting her idol Prabhas, so she somehow contacted the manager of Prabhas and after lot of postponements she got the opportunity to meet Prabhas.

However, after meeting the Baahubali star her madness for him had not subdued but increased much more significantly so much that she now says she is in mad love with Prabhas and wants to marry this most eligible bachelor of India. Subhadra is now frequently getting tattoos of Prabhas in various styles on her back and posting them on the social media. People who are seeing her pictures are spellbound looking at the craziness  of this women.