Superstar's Wife Accepts Failures

Agreeing that you have failed at something needs lot of courage. We have seen many instances where our actors start boasting about something even if that had failed miserably. However, Twinkle Khanna as no qualms in accepting that she had failed "spectacularly as an actress" after spending eight long years in Bollywood.

"I actually wanted to become a chartered accountant after finishing my 12th grade. However, since my parents were in film industry, they wanted me also to follow their footsteps and I did the same. Eight years later, I came to the conclusion that I had spectacularly failed as an actress. Though this was a bit disheartening, I wasn’t devastated, partly because of the way my mother had raised me, and also because I realized that having failed at something didn’t mean that I was a failure"

“When you don’t take success very seriously it’s easier to shrug off failure. The failure meant that I now had the opportunity to try and succeed at million other things. I moved on and here I am today. Life is like flying a kite. Sometimes you must hold on tight, sometimes loose. Sometimes your kite can fly effortlessly and at other times no matter what you do, you cannot control it. But even when you’re struggling to keep your kite afloat, and the string is cutting into your hand, don’t let go. The wind may change once again in your favor, just don’t let go," shared Twinkle Khanna