Superstar's Wife Is In Trouble Again

Superstar Rajinikanth's wife, Latha Rajinikanth is in trouble again over alleged non-payment of dues to the land owner and school staff. The Ashram Matriculation School in Chennai is established by Latha Rajinikanth but is now locked down by the landlord of the building on charges that the rent agreed to was not being paid.

“14 months ago I filed a suit in the court seeking them to leave after paying rent which came upto Rs 10 crore. Their lawyer said that they cannot pay such a huge amount and instead paid only Rs 2 crore. After that, no money has been paid and Latha has not responded or signed the memo. The service tax per month comes upto Rs 60,000 and I paid it last quarter from my pocket and I can't do it again" Said owner Venkateshvaralu

Apart from non-payment of dues to the owner, Latha Rajnikanth was earlier accused of not paying the dues to 28 drivers who had been working in the school. All these drivers had been protesting against Latha Rajnikanth demanding the payment of their salaries as it is getting difficult for them to feed their families

"We have not been getting our salaries...for the last 6 months, we are getting salaries between the 25th and 29th of the month. We are not able to meet our monthly expenses. We survive on loans. We are not able to pay rents every month. The school management has been delaying our payments for the past six months," said driver K.Murali Krishnan