TV actress Bad-mouths About Mahesh's Fans

Television actress Hina Khan, who is now one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 11 reality show, made comments in bad taste about south Indian film industry heroines. Not stopping there she had even spoke badly about Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh fans. In a conversation with fellow inmates of Bigg Boss house, she mentioned that Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh fans hate each other so badly that they create riots on the street.

“In South they want heroines to have protruding parts and I have rejected two south films for this reason that they told me to put on weight. These two films are very big films from big production house. They want women assets to be jumping in the saree and they give good money for doing this. Do you know what South heroines do, first they learn how to say 1-10 in Tamil and whenever they need to tell a dialogue at the shooting spot they will count 1-10 in Tamil, which is later covered in dubbing”

“I even got a film offer as heroine for a Telugu film in which Telugu heroes Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu have acted together after a long gap. After 20 years these two actors acted in a film together because their fans are stupid and used to beat each other, break chairs and create riots when they come across each other. That film has two heroines and I got heroine chance opposite to Venkatesh, but I have rejected that film also.” Said Hina Khan

This did not go well with Hansika Motwani, who being a north Indian and became popular through Telugu and Tamil films. In a series of tweets, the actress slammed Hina Khan for her bad comments demeaning the South Indian film industry.

“What is this suppose to even mean? How can she even degrade south industry like this? #shamehinakhan. Doesn't she know a lot of Bollywood actors have worked & are working in the our south industry ! Shame on you #hinakhan for trying 2demean us. As an actress from the south industry, I would like to say I'm very proud to be from our south industry and whatever #hinakhan is saying is our pure bullshit. #pleasegetyourtactsrightgirl” tweeted Hansika Motwani,