Taapsee Talks About Picking Right Lingeria

Actress Taapsee Pannu, while launching the lingerie store in gurugram, shared that it is very important to choose the right undergarments before giving an appearance to the public. In fact she shared that the selection of innerwear should not be neglected and is as important as choosing the right dress for a red carpet appearance.

"I always believe that one should be beautiful both inside and out. If you are not beautiful inside it does not give you a complete look even though you may look beautiful outside. For instance, I give lot of importance to my inner wear. For me choosing the right intimate wear is as important as choosing my look for a red carpet appearance”

“When you are picking your innerwear’s you should have lot of options and should never get restricted out in using same old things. As amanté's philosophy goes, your confidence starts with picking the right lingerie. I really think that it is true and one should leave those inhibitions when choosing the undergarments. I am delighted to be a part of this collaboration with international amantà launch and I would like to invite all the women to come and shop for their perfect fit at amanté” shared Taapsee.