Telugu Actor Vijay Committed Suicide

Today, Tollywood actor Vijay committed suicide at his flat in Yousufguda, Hyderabad. Vijay Sai is known for his comedy roles in movies such as Bhaskar’s Bommarillu and Ravi Babu’s Ammayilu Abbayilu. The actor had been suffering from severe depression due to lack of offers from Tollywood film industry.

Despite being in Tollywood film industry from last 13 years, the actor did not get a break in this industry. As per the sources, Vijay could not sit idle daily without doing any work and Telugu directors were not offering him any roles even after calling them many times, which led him to severe downheartedness.On the top of it, he was also suffering from marital problems because of his wife.

“Torture in any actor life occurs when he/she does not have any film offers in hand. When you wake up in the morning and stare at your ceiling thinking how to waste this entire day till you sleep in the night, that means that actor is going through hell. In this industry people only respect you if you are successful, else no one cares about you. Sadly, Vijay went through the same phase and could not take it anymore” shared an industry insider.