F2: 3 Days AP/TS Collections Report

F2 Fun and Frustration, starring Venkatesh Daggubati, Varun Tej, Mehreen Kaur Pirzada and Tamannah Bhatia, is performing well both in Telugu states and overseas and on its way to become a big hit at the box office. The movie, which made a pre-release business Rs 32 crores, had held its ground strongly among the other 3 Sankranti releases and had collected a total share of Rs 14.32 crores in the first three days at the AP/TS box office ticket windows.

F2 – Fun and Frustration 3 Days Total AP/TS Collections (Share):

Nizam: Rs 5.15 crore

Ceded: Rs 1.77 crore

Uttar Andhra: Rs 1.74 crore

East: Rs 1.6 crore

Guntur: Rs 1.27 crore

Krishna: Rs 1.25 crore

West: Rs 1.05 crore

Nellore: Rs 0.49 crore

Total 3 Days AP and TS Share: Rs 14.32 crore