Pitiable Openings For Fashion Designer

Director Vamsy’s latest release “Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor” opened to pitiable collections everywhere it had released. The average occupancy in theaters where as low as 25%. The movie had suffered from poor reviews and word of mouth from day one. Uninteresting story, screenplay and direction are said to be major drawbacks of this film.

Director Vamsy and Hero Sumanth Ashwin, who are struggling hard in their careers without any trace of a success, were once again welcomed with Utter Flop result of this movie. When directors and actors are adopting to new and interesting ways to tell stories to the audience, it is sad to see that still some people are struck with age-old ways of storytelling and expecting their film to do wonders.

Even after promoting this film as the sequel of most successful comedy film “Ladies Tailor”, the movie performed dismally at most of the centers in its opening weekend. This movie had now officially joined the list of biggest duds that were released this year. The brand "Vamsy" took a severe beating with the result of this movie.