Touch Chesi Chudu Closing Total WW Collections

Action comedy film, Touch Chesi Chudu, which was released worldwide on 2nd February 2018, had turned out be colossal double disaster film in Ravi Teja's career. The movie theatricals were sold for Rs 25 crores but the closing box office collections could not even recover 40% of that amount. The final collections (share) of the movie stood at Rs 9.33 Cr. Given below is the area wise break up of shares.

Touch Chesi Chudu Final World Wide Collections (Share):

Nizam: Rs 3.06 crore

Ceded: Rs 1.09 crore

Uttar Andhra: Rs 0.86 crore

Guntur: Rs 0.75 crore

East: Rs 0.74 crore

West: Rs 0.66 crore

Krishna: Rs 0.53 crore

Nellore: Rs 0.35 crore

Total AP and TS Share: Rs 8.04 crore

USA: Rs 0.45 crore

Karnataka : Rs 0.64 crore

Rest : Rs 0.20 crore

Total Worldwide Share: Rs 9.33 crore