Who Should Be Blamed For This Disaster?

Another commercial film bites the dust. Gopichand Malineni’s Winner, that was released on 24 Feb 2017 had left Producer and Distributors a loss of 11 crores. Winner was made on a budget of 27 crores, but could recover only 16 crores at the end of its full run worldwide.

This Film gives second consecutive flop for both director and hero. Gopichand Malineni’s last film “pandaga Chesko” also bombed at box office, but that didn’t stop him from making another commercial masala film with nothing new to offer. Can he show us any other story apart from routine commercial movie? We need to wait for his next film to get that answer.

Hero should also be blamed for selecting the movie story because if he does not sign the film, the film would never be made on him but later it’s the director who should be answerable because director is one who should tell the story to the audience in an interesting way and if he fails there, the film fails.

At the end of the day, both Director and Hero would happily get their share of money irrespective of the film’s result, but it’s the producer and distributor who are the ones suffering because of the end result. Moreover, it is very difficult for any producer to bear the loss of 11 crores and get back on his toes.